Experience a new perspective with REVEAL© video

Reveal video© combines horizontal and vertical video into a uniquely immersive viewing experience. Simply twist your phone while a video is playing to reveal unexpected plot twists, surprise endings and immersive scenes.

Immersive video

Simply flip your phone to see more of the picture


Take horizontal and vertical video in one shot, through a mobile phone

Easy to use

Reveal video works just like any other video creation tool

How does REVEAL work?

Reveal technology allows content creators to combine horizontal and vertical video into one mobile recording. With reveal, now creators can think outside the frame and tell a richer story through their mobile device.

Shoot one video through your camera lens
Unlock the REVEAL any time you like
Use REVEAL to tell an immersive story

Thousands of creators are obsessed with REVEAL©

Ryan Hamilton
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William Franklyn Miller
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Angelica Salek
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Matt Smith
Firework Creator since October 2018

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